NBA Rumors: LaVar Ball Has Interesting Take On Where Zach LaVine Will Wind Up

Safe to say that LaVar Ball is not an NBA "capologist" expert. But he might have some inside info. The Big Baller Brand CEO and father of NBA stars Lonzo and LaMelo Ball thinks he knows what the future holds for free agent Zach LaVine. 

Ball says LaVine is tired of playing second fiddle to DeMar DeRozan in Chicago, and is "gone" from the Bulls. Again, his son Lonzo is on the team, so perhaps he knows something? 

But as to where papa Ball thinks LaVine ends up, this one might be a little more difficult to wrap your head around. 

Yes, Ball believes that LaVine will wind up with the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency. Which of course raises a couple of questions:

1. How would this work, since the Lakers are over the cap and can't sign any free agents of significance? In a sign and trade scenario, all the Lakers have to offer are Talen Horton-Tucker and Kendrick Nunn. Does that get a deal done?

2. If LaVine "don't want to play second fiddle" to DeMar DeRozon on the Bulls, how exactly will that work with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers?

Then Ball drops some big-time promotion for his other son, LiAngelo Ball, who hasn't been able to crack the NBA as of yet, as the man to replace LaVine in Chicago, and play with his brother Lonzo. "It's your brother, so the chemistry is gonna be off the chain!"

"Whoever gets 'Gelo first, between LaMelo talking to his people, and Lonzo talking to his people, you're gonna see a huge change."

If nothing else, LaVar Ball is entertaining.