Done Deal: Pistons Trade Jerami Grant Out West

The Detroit Pistons have long been rumored to have Jerami Grant on the trade block, but today they've pulled off a surprising move, sending Grant to the Portland Trail Blazers for a first-round draft pick... in 2025. 

The move comes as a shock, as the Trail Blazers had been dangling the No. 7 pick in Thursday's NBA Draft for some 'win-now' help, but why the Pistons didn't land that pick is anyone's guess at this point. 

In the end, this seems like a salary cap move, and now the Pistons have plenty of room under it. 

NBA reporter Keith Smith calculates that Detroit will now have over $56M in cap space. 

As for Grant, he gets his wish — to be a featured offensive performer, as he'll join forces with Damian Lillard. And Portland gets a co-star for Dame. 

Grant was also said to be looking for a contract extension, north of $100M. No word on that for now.   

Photo Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports