NBA Rumors: League To Investigate Sixers' Free Agent Signing For Tampering

While the New York Knicks' signing of free agent Jalen Bruson has been getting all the "tampering" attention rumors, NBA Insider Marc Stein says the league also has another suspicious agreement on its radar.

"I'm told that Philadelphia's signing of P.J. Tucker is also likely to be placed under the investigation microscope by the league office," writes Stein

For days leading up to the start of free agency at 6:00pm ET on June 30th, "numerous rival teams were already convinced that Tucker was Philly-bound," says Stein, and as reported on here on June 27th. 

Not surprisingly, at 6:01pm June 30th, one minute into the opening of the gates, Shams Charania announced the Philadelphia 76ers' signing of the Miami Heat forward to a 3-year, $33M deal. 

If it seems kinda fishy, yeah, the NBA thinks so, too. Ironically, the Heat, who lost Tucker in this deal, were penalized by the league for tampering one year ago, in their sign-and-trade deal with Kyle Lowry. 

What goes around, comes around in the NBA, it seems.