NBA Insiders Calling Each-Other Out Over Ben Simmons Rumor

We've heard NBA players shade other players, players shade the media, even media members shading players. But it's not too often you'll hear one member of the media slamming one of their brethren for their reporting. NBA Insiders Shams Charania and Ric Bucher are now in an all-out BEEF, calling each other out over a bizarre Ben Simmons rumor. 

It all began earlier this week with Bucher relating a story from his sources about the M.I.A. Simmons bailing on a Brooklyn Nets team group chat when the uncomfortable question came up about when he's going to finally play.

Here's Bucher explaining what his sources told him happened on that group chat after Game 3 of their sweep at the hands of the Boston Celtics this past year. 

Players asked Ben if he was going to play in Game 4, and according to Bucher, not only did Simmons not answer the question, "he just left the chat!"

NBA Insider Shams Charania retorted the next day that this simply "NEVER happened."

Now with his credibility being questioned, Bucher has shot back, saying “I’ve been assured that this is correct in spite of another report that says it never happened. 

"There’s another reporter out there who suggested the event never happened. I’m well aware that that reporter has, let’s say, he has vested interests  in painting things a certain way."

Whoa. Did he just call Charania a sell-out? We have ourselves an all-out Shams-Bucher Beef. 

Simmons, in the meantime, still hasn't played a game in the NBA in well over a year. He held-out from the Philadelphia 76ers all season, demanding a trade, then when finally dealt to Brooklyn in March, rehabbed a back injury through the end of the season, never suiting up. 

Photo: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports