"100X Uglier Than Any Of Us Thought": Matt Barnes On Udoka Situation

The Ime Udoka situation just got even worse. Former player Matt Barnes, a 14-year veteran of the NBA who's now employed by ESPN, has retracted his earlier comments that the one-year suspension for Udoka was too severe. Now Barnes says he knows the facts, and that the situation is actually "100 times uglier than any of us thought." Whoa.

They won't come out and say it. I'm a part of the media now, and I try to... report and talk with facts and honesty. I clearly have to say that, last night, without knowing all the facts, I spoke in Ime Udoka's defense. 

After finding out the facts after I spoke, I erased what I posted, because this situation in Boston is deep, it's messy, it's 100 times uglier than any of us thought. Some things happened that I can't condone... Sh*t's deep, man. 

Barnes says he got a call last night from someone with all the details, and added that it wasn't his place to speak on what happened, but if "if it ends up coming out, it comes out."

This is just an awful situation for the Celtics and for everyone involved. It still remains to be seen if more facts come out, and, based on Barnes' cryptic comments, if Udoka will ever return to the team. 

Photos: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports, Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports