ICYMI: Steve Nash Has Interesting Response To Kevin Durant Demanding He Be Fired

Things were undoubtedly awkward around the Brooklyn Nets camp after superstar Kevin Durant demanded this summer that head coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks be fired for KD to return. Of course, those demands have all gone away, and they're all one big happy family again. At least, that's how Nash portrayed it when asked about the drama at Media Day.

“Kevin and I go way back," Nash said. "Families go through things like this — go through adversity, go through disagreements. This is not new to the NBA. It has happened dozens of times, I’m sure every organization has faced that. So, you know, it’s a part of the process. It’s a part of working in this business.

“We all have expectations and when we get dinged up like we did last year, everyone’s disappointed. We cleared the air and we spoke and we got on the same page,” Nash continued, “so I’m glad we got it behind us and he’s been outstanding since we had our chat.

Durant also acknowledged that they're "on the same page" now. 

"They know me. They understood where I was coming from. I had plenty of talks with Steve and Sean throughout the season about how I feel... They know how much I care about the game of basketball and wanting to win. We all jumped on the same page, it was pretty simple. We're professionals, we have to adapt and move forward."

The Nets are hoping to see more scenes like this in the coming season: