NBA Rumors: Knicks Forward Wants Out!

It's been a confusing situation for all concerned. The trade was called "a steal" for the New York Knicks at the time. Sending a little-used player who'd fallen completely out of favor, and a draft pick, to the Atlanta Hawks in return for Cam Reddish—a 6'8", promising 22-year-old forward, No. 10 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

But something happened after that Jan. 13 deal, and Reddish became a nearly-forgotten man in the Knicks rotation; his minutes plummeted by nearly 10 per game from Atlanta, and many wondered just what was the plan after all? Head coach Tom Thibodeau was apparently against the deal in the first place

Now, Knicks Insider Marc Berman is reporting in the New York Post that Reddish wants out of New York. "An NBA source said Reddish is looking for a larger role," writes Berman. which should prompt every Knicks observer to respond with, "no kidding."

“The Knicks didn’t have a plan for him,” the NBA source said. “They traded for him without one and still don’t have one. He would like a bigger opportunity somewhere.”

The Knicks, of course, are still engaged in talks to land Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz, but, according to Berman, "there is no indication Jazz president Danny Ainge prefers Reddish in the package for himself."

Seeing as Reddish's agent is Rich Paul, Berman posits that the Los Angeles Lakers would make sense as a destination, where LeBron James could take him under his wing.

Reddish turned 23 this week, and there's still plenty of time for him to prove himself—in the right situation.

Photos: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports