"Spineless": Current & Former Suns Employees Outraged At NBA's Sarver Discipline

The discipline came down yesterday for Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, but the furious reaction is still dropping 24 hours later, as victims and observers alike are outraged, saying that the one-year suspension was nowhere near enough.

Baxter Holmes is the ESPN reporter who originally broke the story. He spoke to one former female staffer who described this as a "barely a slap on the wrist," and another current staffer who said, "I cannot express to you how mad and disappointed people are of the spineless nature of the NBA's decision."

Other noted followers of the NBA seem to hold the same feelings of frustration.

Much of the outrage is justified not only because of the nature of Sarver's transgressions, but because of the precedent already set by the NBA. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was handed a lifetime ban in 2014 and forced to sell the team after his similar acts of racism and misogyny. 

Former NBA star Jamal Crawford called the Sarver situation "Sterling 2.0". But the punishment simply wasn't. 

Photos: Patrick Breen/AZ Central / USA TODAY NETWORK, Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports