Bulls' Andre Drummond Sets Interesting Goal For This Season

One of the strangest sights coming out of the Chicago Bulls preseason games thus far has been seeing defensive center Andre Drummond hoist up 3-pointers. And hey, he hasn't been too shabby. 

Drummond says he's been working—quietly, when no one's watching—on adding the corner 3 to his arsenal. "Every summer I would just go at it," Drummond said. "I would never take them in a game. But it's more so just working in the dark when nobody's watching and being able to be prepared for those moments when it does come."

The 10-year veteran has taken only 11 three-point attempts in the last two seasons combined, and only 114 in his career—hitting on just 13% of them. But he's told the Bulls he definitely wants to add it to his game this season. 

"It's something that I spoke to the coaching staff in the summertime when I signed here, that it's something that I've worked on... to be able to help this team win," Drummond said. "And if I'm able to make that corner 3 when I'm wide open, it adds another element to our team."

Of course, preseason is one thing, we'll have to see if it translates over to the regular season. 

Photo: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports