Cousins Says He’s Not “An Angry Monster”, Pleads For NBA Job

One of the big name veteran free agents still on the market, 4-time All-Star DeMarcus Cousins says he's misunderstood and is asking for another chance in the NBA.

"Have I made mistakes? Absolutely. Have I done things the wrong way? Absolutely. For that, I'm very apologetic," the 32-year-old Cousins told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. "I'm just asking for a chance to show my growth as a man and a player." 

Boogie, whose outbursts, technical fouls, angry looks and demonstrative displays on the court seem to have defined him throughout his 11-year career, says he's really not that guy.

I think the misperception of me is that I’m this angry monster that just goes around bullying people, beating people up, uncoachable, and a cancer in the locker room. I think it’s all false... Obviously, you can always go back to my time in Sacramento. I was a young kid. I was still figuring this business out. I was ignorant to a lot of things. I handled a lot of things the incorrect way, but I’ve also learned from those mistakes. 

I just want teams to get to really know me and not to believe the narrative. I’m a great teammate and great for the locker room. I have a lot of experience in this league. I have a lot of knowledge to give to these younger guys. 

Lower-body injuries have wreaked havoc with the immensely talented Cousins' career over the years, but he's shown in the last year or two that he can still be a viable backup big in limited minutes. He can provide beef under the basket, and can still score a bit. All he needs, he says, is another chance. 

“It would mean everything in the world to me to be back in the NBA,” Cousins said. “I know I belong in this league... I have a lot left in the tank. A whole lot." 

Photo: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports