Suns Embarrassed By Non-NBA Team As Troubling Camp Continues

The Phoenix Suns have become the first NBA team in seven years to lose to a non-NBA opponent in a preseason game. 

Yes, it's only preseason, so, by definition, it shouldn't matter that much. But the Suns camp was off to a gloomy start already, with Jae Crowder demanding a trade, and Deandre Ayton looking and sounding like he just didn't want to be there after a summer of very contentious contract haggling. 

But to lose to an Australian team that hasn't even made its own league's playoffs  in four years??

The Adelaide 36ers are, in fact, the 7th-seed in Australia's NBL, with a 10-18 record. They came in as 28-point underdogs. 

The 36ers head coach, CJ Bruton, likened the matchup to Rocky vs. Apollo Creed.

"There's Apollo Creed and Rocky right? There's a chance when you mingle and you dance together, is this an exhibition or is this not. Every game I step on the stage or have my team step on the stage, we're here to compete," said Bruton.  

Time now, however, for the Phoenix Suns to get up off the mat, lick their wounds, and try to prepare themselves for what could be a long, difficult season of sparring with NBA opponents, and—so far, given the Crowder and Ayton situations—even themselves.