Warriors Furious Over Draymond Video Leak

The Draymond Green sucker punch on Jordan Poole at Golden State Warriors practice was bad enough. But the team is also fuming over the fact that the video was leaked this week, and simply don't know how that can happen in their organization.

"I've been in this league for 30+ years," said head coach Steve Kerr. "I've seen all kinds of crazy stuff... For whatever reason, we've had leaks in this organization. This is not the first time. So that needs to be cleaned up."

"It's like if you had a camera in your family and there was a family dispute. Would you really want to discuss it with the world? No.

"In 32 years, I’ve probably seen 20-plus fist fights. It should not make it out of the walls of our practice facility. We need to be better as an organization,” Kerr continued. 

Kerr also pointed to the news getting out one year ago of Andrew Wiggins' vaccine status as another disappointing leak. 

After Green addressed the media earlier and said he was stepping away from the team for some time, Kerr was asked exactly how long Draymond would be away for. "This will happen behind the scenes," answered the coach. "It will be discussed among the parties involved. I can tell you honestly right now there's no set date or anything like that. We will proceed and see where it goes."