Draymond Green To Step Away From Warriors For A Time

In his first public statement on his ugly incident with Jordan Poole, Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green says he’s stepping away from the team to “let it heal” for a short time. 

It'll be at least a few days, but Green is still unsure if he’ll be in the lineup on opening night a week and a half from now. 

"I expect to play. But will I play? That is a completely different story and something we will figure out."

He reiterated his apology for the incident, to everyone concerned:

"I was wrong for my actions. For that, I have apologized...

"With the video leaking, there is a huge embarrassment, not only for myself, but... that Jordan, this team, this organization has to deal with, but also... his family saw that video... For that, I apologize to his mother & his father."

Green viciously punched and knocked down teammate Jordan Poole in practice on Wednesday, and the video of the incident has subsequently leaked.

Green has a player option at the end of this season; if he doesn't pick it up, he'll become a restricted free agent in the summer of 2024.