Bulls Announce Team Says "Stupid, Dumb, Dirty" Grayson Allen Needs A Shot To The Head

He was at it again. With a league-wide reputation as a dirty player, Milwaukee Bucks' Grayson Allen delivered a hard forearm shot to the back of DeMar DeRozan Wednesday night and drew the wrath of not only DeRozan, but also the Chicago Bulls TV broadcast crew, including former Bulls player Stacey King, who said "somebody needs to give him a two-piece (to the head)."

It does seem like Allen was perhaps pushed into DeRozan, but the forearm contact he laid on DeMar could still be deemed as excessive. Play-by-play man Adam Amin called it a "stupid, dumb, dirty" play. 

"Let me tell you something," said analyst Stacey King, "somebody need to give him a two-piece. I guarantee he will stop doing that. Somebody pop him upside the head a couple of times, he'll stop doing that! Because he's getting away with this too much." Amin also urged that Allen needs to get "a forearm shiver to the face."

The Bulls' issues with Allen date back to last season when he slammed Alex Caruso with a dirty mid-air hit that left the Bulls guard with a broken wrist. Allen was suspended by the NBA for one game for that play. 

As for DeRozan, he explained his anger afterwards by also referencing Allen's reputation as a dirty player. 

"It's his track record," said DeRozan. "If it was Boban (Marjanovic), I wouldn’t have done nothing."

Fortunately, unlike the Caruso incident last season, nobody was hurt this time around.