Bol Bol Goes Viral Again With Eye-Popping Dunk

7'2" Bol Bol has exploded onto the scene this season as a Most Improved Player candidate for the Orlando Magic. And he's been thrilling fans with insane highlights that a player of his size just isn't supposed to be able to pull off. But Wednesday night's viral play is certainly something you might expect of the man with the 7'8" wingspan.

Bol went all Michael Jordan Space Jam buzzer-beating stretch jam on this one. He caught the ball in the corner, thought about the three, then charged into space into the lane and extended, as only he can, over the Detroit Pistons' Isaiah Stewart, throwing it down with a nasty poster dunk.  

Bol finished with 11 points and 6 rebounds on the night, but two of those points will be posterized and memorialized for a long time to come. 

This game, however, also featured an ugly brawl, that resulted in one of Bol's teammates being knocked out COLD