Draymond Green Reveals What Was Said To Him That Led to A Fan's Ejection

NBA fans have an influence on the game. They can be the difference maker for the home team, and a distraction for the visiting team. They are often animated in their responses to players, but sometimes they cross the line. For Draymond Green last night in Milwaukee, a Bucks fan said something to him that would lead to the fan being ejected.

Heckling and insults are part of the game, especially when players trash-talk one another often to throw them off their game. However, it is very rare that an NBA player would take it personally when a fan decides to get in a player's head. Unfortunately, fans think they are untouchable because they are not on the court. 

Fans get out of hand sometimes and have even gone far enough to throw popcorn on players as they exit the game. An example of that has been with Russell Westbrook about a year ago when a fan dropped popcorn on Westbrook as he was exiting the game due to an ankle injury. That is only one of many instances that have occurred with Westbrook being involved.

In regards to the Warriors forward, he had an exchange with a fan while a Bucks player was shooting free throws. After what seemed like a normal conversation, Green gestured to the referees to throw out the fan. According to Green, the fan said some "threatening stuff" to his life.
NBA players have voiced their concerns about what fans have to say which now is punishable by being thrown out of the game. Javale McGee spoke about those concerns and has applauded the NBA for taking steps to eject fans or completely ban them for a season.
It is never okay to physically or verbally abuse NBA players. Fans need to understand that there is a thin line between criticizing athletes and when it becomes dangerous. The NBA is not in need of another malice in the Palace, and they have done a great job in assessing and reacting to the issues immediately. 

Photo Credit Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports