ICYMI: Aaron Gordon ENDED Landry Shamet In The Dunk Of The Year

Just in case you were busy with a late Christmas dinner Sunday evening and didn't get a chance to see Aaron Gordon give Landry Shamet one of the all-time posterizations, here's your chance to drink it up. 

With less than 30 seconds to play in overtime of the Denver Nuggets' win over the Phoenix Suns, Gordon came downcourt like a freight train and simply destroyed Shamet by not only delivering the insane flying dunk on top of him, but then also landing on top of him with a thud (a couple of thuds, really). 

At first, it was called an offensive foul on Gordon, but after review, it was reversed and not only was the basket good, but Shamet was called for the blocking foul to add insult to injury. Gordon would miss the 'and 1', but did end up adding another free throw soon after, and the Nuggets came out with a 128-125 win. 

The sad thing for Shamet is that this was his game of the year up until that point, as he poured in 31 points in 39 minutes, to go with six assists. Aaron Gordon, however, certainly didn't have any Christmas spirit for him. 

Let's have an egg nog toast for poor Landry Shamet.