Pelicans & Suns Benches Clear After Insane Zion Williamson 360 Dunk

It's one off those "unwritten rules" of basketball—you don't go for a basket as the final seconds tick off if you're up big. But Zion Williamson didn't just 'go for a basket'. He sent heads exploding with a 360 windwill dunk that was classic Zion:

Unfortunately, trailing by nine in the dying seconds, the Phoenix Suns didn't bother playing, but Zion did. And there were some angry words exchanged. 

"The game was pretty much over, and they just kept playing," rankled Suns guard Cam Payne said. "I felt like there was just no sportsmanship, and we don't really like that. We do the right thing. I felt like they should've done the right thing, and they didn't. We didn't take it well, and we don't like to lose either. The game was over, no shot clock. They can hold the ball."

Afterwards, Williamson said, "That was a little out of character for me but you got to understand, they sent my teammates home last year. I missed all last year...If they was to do the same thing, I wouldn't have a problem with it."

We can thank the NBA schedule-makers: we only have to wait until tomorrow for the rematch.