Draymond Green Speaks Out On His Warriors Future

The Golden State Warriors have some serious business decisions to make this offseason. And for 10-year Dubs veteran Draymond Green, he knows where those decisions are going to lead.

“Quite frankly, the writing’s on the wall." Draymond is certain that his days in Golden State are numbered. And that number is 172. That's how many days from now until July 6th, the start of free agency in the NBA this summer. 

With the Warriors' payroll and luxury tax penalties spiralling out of control, changes are on the way. And he knows it. 

We tend to get into this mindset of, 'someone owes us something because of what we've accomplished.' You'd be an idiot to walk around feeling that way. I feel like you're just setting yourself up for failure. You're setting yourself up for heartbreak. You're setting yourself up for disappointment.

And what he's accomplished has been significant: four championship rings in eight seasons. 

“If you don’t get to know the business, then you can be blindsided and be, like, ‘Oh man, everything I’ve done, I’d thought I’d be there forever,” Green said in a Bleacher Report interview.

And that 'business' is this: with luxury tax penalties, the Warriors will be spending an unheard-of $354M on their roster this season, an untenable number that they'd like to bring down significantly. Next year, they have $214 million in committed salaries—and that's before taxes. That $214M is already $97.65M higher than the salary cap. 

With Green likely opting out of his $27.6M player option to become an unrestricted free agent, it's doubtful that the Dubs will be re-upping with their longtime defensive stalwart and vocal leader. And it sounds like he's faced the facts. 

Photo: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports