NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Big Man To Be Moved By Trade Deadline

Whichever route the Chicago Bulls take, it seems that they are definitely not going to stand pat at the trade deadline. The latest rumor has them putting a 10-year veteran on the trade block.

Do not be surprised, league sources say, if the Bulls move former All-Star center Andre Drummond before the Feb. 9 trade. Drummond has been allotted fewer than 15 minutes in each of Chicago’s past 12 games.

                                                                                    —NBA Insider Marc Stein

Drummond is a two-time former All-Star, but those days are in the past. As Insider Marc Stein notes, the center's role in the Windy City has been dwindling as the season's moved along. He's averaging just 13 minutes per game. But at 6.6 rebounds in those scant minutes, that works out to 18.2 boards per 36 minutes.

NBA Insider Keith Smith posits that the cost to obtain Drummond "can't be more than a second-round pick." And with backup centers seemingly in demand at this year's deadline, the still-only-29-year-old should have plenty of suitors. He's on the first season of a 2-year, $6.5M contract. More than affordable.

For his career, Drummond is averaging 13.5 points and 12.9 rebounds. He could certainly help out any team on the glass. 

Photo: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports