NBA Rumors: Rockets Set Sky-High Asking Price For Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon is clearly not happy being the only veteran on a frustratingly young, and losing Houston Rockets team. He said so last week, complaining about the selfish play of his teammates. 

"There's no improvement." 

So why hasn't he been traded yet? We got another hint today from NBA Insider Marc Stein:

Two rival teams have mentioned to me recently that Houston’s asking price for Eric Gordon is similar to Detroit’s with (Bojan) Bogdanović. Does that mean (gasp) an unprotected first-round pick for Gordon? Perhaps that explains why Gordon, also never an All-Star but a 2016-17 Sixth Man of the Year, continues to be a Rocket.

The 34-year-old Gordon is averaging 11.5 points while shooting 36% from long distance. 

The feeling around the league is that with so few teams having come out as "sellers" to this point, the ones that we do know are ready to deal assets are using the old basic economics rule of supply-and-demand to set an extremely high price. 

It's felt that a month from now, as the trade deadline is just days away, more teams will decide to wave the white flag and sell, flushing the market with more supply, thus making demand more reasonable.

Photo: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports