Outrage Around NBA For Controversial No-Call On LeBron James

In one of the most controversial moments of the NBA season, LeBron James was robbed of a chance at winning a huge game against the Boston Celtics at the final buzzer. 

He was clearly hacked on the arm by Jayson Tatum as he tried to lay the ball in for the winning bucket at the end of regulation. LeBron was so distraught, he collapsed to the floor in shock. 

The non-call was so egregious, the NBA, instead of waiting for the next day's "Last 2 Minute report" as they usually do, reached out to the Los Angeles Lakers moments after the end of the game—which the Celtics won in overtime—to tell them that the officials missed the foul call and LeBron should have been at the free throw line with two chances to win the game.

Players and media reacted with similar incredulous disbelief at the non-call. 

Reggie Miller, who called the game on TNT, said "It was NON CALLS like that as a former player, Tatum on LeBron, that used to drive me CRAZY!! 6 damn eyes out there and the officials swallow their whistles.. That baseline official had a clear view of it, MAKE THE CALL.."

Laker guard Dennis Schroder, in his IG story after the game, said "The refs gotta start getting fined for their mistakes!... The replay center should use replays to get these calls right... This needs to stop." 

Adding a little levity to the brutal situation, Lakers guard Pat Beverley brought a camera out to the refs before overtime, imploring them to use it to help them. 

Not surprisingly, he got T'd up for it. 

All in all, though, this was, indeed, a snapshot in mediocrity for the NBA and its officials.

Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports