Brawl in Cleveland Cavaliers/Memphis Grizzlies Game Results in Multiple Ejections

Tensions boiled over in Thursday night's Cleveland Cavaliers vs Memphis Grizzlies game. Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell and Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks were both ejected following a tense confrontation in the third quarter of last night's showdown. Mitchell absorbed a punch to the groin as Brooks was rolling across the floor following a missed layup. Mitchell took exception, throwing the ball at Brooks. Things escalated from there. Mitchell pushed Brooks, and the two engaged in a quick brawl before being pulled apart and eventually ejected.

Brooks (or Dillon the Villain) has developed a bad reputation in recent years for his boundary-pushing defensive play, so his punch last night will be subject to much skepticism. There's a plausible case to be made it was an accident, simply a natural movement for a body clumsily toppling over. Only Brooks knows his true intentions at that moment, and he's unlikely to ever admit he willfully walloped a star player in the groin.

Ultimately, the Cavaliers wrapped up the night with a 128-113 win, but the ramifications from the game may be only beginning. Additional fines and penalties could be coming from both players. Beyond that, Brooks' reputation may take another hit. His behavior will likely be even more closely scrutinized going forward.  

Photo Credit:© Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports