"It's Complete Bull----!": Mitchell Slams"Dirty" Dillon Brooks

The reaction was swift and biting from Donovan Mitchell and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Memphis Grizzlies' tough guy Dillon Brooks' punch to the groin of Mitchell sparked a brawl, and Spida just wasn't having it. 

"Quite frankly, I've been busting his ass for years," said Mitchell after the game, about Brooks. "Playoffs, regular season...it's tough when you can't guard somebody & you got to resort to that & that's what he's done to a lot of players...

"And the one game he does an alright job on me today, he decides to do something like that. No place for that in the game. You gotta protect yourself...

“This isn’t just a Donovan thing. This has happened to other players throughout this league. And it’s bulls---. It’s complete bulls---. They talk s--- and that’s fine. That’s all part of basketball. We all grew up playing that way. But when you start doing little cheap s--- like that, that ain’t it.”

Mitchell knows of what he speaks, as he's battled Brooks head-to-head 14 times over the years from playing in the Western Conference before he came to Cleveland this season. 

Mitchell's teammates echoed Spida's sentiments about the dirty play of Brooks.

“He’s building his own reputation,” said Ricky Rubio of the Memphis wing. “One thing is playing hard, the other thing is playing dirty, so I think that was a dirty play and Donovan stood his ground."

“It was a dirty play from the other dude over there,” Darius Garland said. “Tried to hit him in his groin area... We just rallied behind him and protected our team... “We’re no sisses over here.”

Now it's a matter of awaiting the NBA's disciplinary action.