NBA Rumors: 2 Teams "Boxing Out" Each Other In OG Anunoby Chase

The OG Anunoby sweepstakes really seem to be getting hot and heavy, to the point where two of his prime suitors, and two teams that fancy themselves as serious contenders in the Western Conference, are somehow actually working to "box each other out."

According to NBA Insider Chris Haynes, "the New Orleans Pelicans are definitely high on (Anunoby)... They feel like he can be a fit within their system and their personnel. So there will be some serious pursuit."

The Pels do have some significant draft capital to offer Toronto, which could make for an enticing deal. 

Haynes' podcast partner and fellow insider Marc Stein then added, however, that the Memphis Grizzlies are also a keen pursuer of Anunoby right now. "Either one of those teams (Grizzlies or Pelicans) can make a really compelling offer... Both of those teams have picks galore."

And Haynes insists that those two teams are essentially battling each other in these talks. 

There's some boxing out going on... Memphis does not want New Orleans to get OG, and New Orleans does not want Memphis to get OG. And that is a fact.

But according to the latest from ESPN's Brian Windhort, the winning bid will need to include some good young talent as well, not just picks. 

Windhorst says that Raptors want to add “guys in the league to put around the core that they have around Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes.” 

But as far as whether a trade is indeed in the offing, Haynes thinks it is. "OG, from what I'm hearing, he would like a change of scenery himself. I don't know if he's gone to management, or if it's gone that far to request a trade, but management knows how he feels... With everything we've heard circulating out of Toronto, leads me to believe that he can be moved."

Photo: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports