NBA Rumors: Ime Udoka To Have Plenty Of Suitors For Coaching Job

With the official removal of the "interim" label from Joe Mazzulla, the Boston Celtics have officially parted ways with the previously suspended Ime Udoka. Per Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, Udoka is no longer employed in any capacity by the Celtics.

And with that, despite the controversial way in which his tenure with Boston ended, he is now a coaching free agent, available for other teams to pursue, should they so desire. And according to Mannix, there are many that plan to do exactly that.

"It’s expected that Udoka will be a strong candidate this summer for any head coaching jobs that open up," is how Mannix put it. 

The Brooklyn Nets were even considering hiring him earlier this season in the midst of their Kyrie Irving suspension crisis, before deciding that another controversial move is the last thing they needed. Udoka was suspended for having an inappropriate relationship with a Celtics' staffer, and there were some rumors that things were even uglier than that sounds. 

There are a number of teams that could decide to move on from their head coaches once this season is done, and any one of them could pursue Udoka, if they feel that he's past his troubles. Three teams that come to mind:

The Atlanta Hawks: Nate McMillan has already had a tumultuous season in Atlanta, including a dispute with Trae Young. Rumors emerged earlier that he could even consider resigning by season's end.

The New York Knicks: Tom Thibodeau needs to have a strong stretch drive and playoff performance to get off the hot seat in Manhattan.

And yes, of course, the Philadelphia 76ers, where Doc Rivers is forever doing and saying bizarre things that have Sixers fans calling for his job. A trip to the Conference Finals at least is almost a necessity to keep his job, it would seem. And certainly, blowing any 3-1 series leads would definitely spell the end of his time in Philly. 

Photo: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports