New NBA Title Odds After Wildest Trade Deadline In Memory

Now that the dust has settled, where do teams stand in the ultimate goal: the chase for the NBA championship? 

According to BetOnline, the favorite in the title odds hasn't changed, but one team certainly made a huge jump in the rankings. 

Not surprisingly, Kevin Durant's move from Brooklyn to Phoenix drastically changed those two teams' odds.

According to some booking agencies, the Phoenix Suns were at about 17-1 to win the NBA title prior to acquiring Durant, but have now shot up to be the second favorite, at 9-2. 

But ESPN's NBA analyst, and former player, Tim Legler, warns that the Suns can't expect miracles right away.

“Kevin Durant is coming off an injury, we expect him to be fine shortly after the All-Star break,” Legler said. “Devin Booker just came back, so this is not going to be seamless. You don’t just all of a sudden put these guys out there a week from now and think they’re just going to steamroll the Western Conference because you can see how loaded it is. But on paper, yes, this is the team you would look at and say, ‘Yes, they’ve got the best chance (in the West)."

The Nets, on the other hand, have plummeted to 100-1, behind 14 other teams.

Their odds actually took two huge hits over the past week, according to BetMGM, going from +700 to +2200 after trading Kyrie Irving, and then dropping to +10000 after shipping out Durant.

Photo: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports