Kevin Durant In Walking Boot After Pre-Game Injury

The Phoenix Suns saw their whole season flash before their eyes in one harrowing pre-game incident Wednesday night. Their championship hopes could be resting on the fate of Kevin Durant's ankle, after he slipped on the Footprint Center floor during warmups, suffering a potentially regular-season-ending ankle sprain.

It was to be Durant's first home game for the Suns, but going up for a basket during the pre-game layup line, he twisted his ankle. 

Durant actually stayed on the court and finished his warmups, about five more minutes' worth, but did not play in his first Phoenix home game.  

However, Arizona Central is reporting that there's concern in Phoenix that Durant could possibly have a grade 2 ankle sprain, which could sideline him between 4-6 weeks, meaning he could potentially miss the remainder of the regular season and maybe even the start of the playoffs.

On the more positive side, sports injury expert Jeff Stotts writes that depending on the sprain, if it is indeed a Grade 2, Durant's timeline might not be quite so long:

Stotts reports that "historically, the average time lost is about 7 games (approx. 19 days).

Durant left the arena at the end of the night in a walking boot, and the Suns are holding their breath until they get more imaging done.