Deandre Ayton Says The Suns Will Look "Different" Going Into Game Two

The second round of the NBA Western Conference started last night. The top-seeded Denver Nuggets hosted the Phoenix Suns in game one of the series. As expected, the Nuggets won the game in dominating fashion and left the Suns wondering what adjustments can be made. For the Suns' center Deandre Ayton, he vowed that the team will look "different" going into game two.

In the locker room interviews, Ayton looked visibly upset. He was asked about the physicality of the game and what needs to change. The Suns' center began by stating that "We're going to be a completely different team going into game two. I can tell you that." It was clear there was disappointment in the team's performance and Ayton made sure to point that out. 
Ayton also added that the "physicality needs to turn up a notch." He admitted that the Nuggets were playing a little too "comfortable," and that the Suns didn't put their hands on them as much. The Nuggets evidently played like the number one seed and Ayton addressed that in the interview.

What stood out in the game is that Phoenix had more points in the paint than Denver, 60-48. However, what it came down to was turnovers and offensive rebounds which the Nuggets dominated. A big reason for that is that Phoenix could have been fatigued due to the lack of depth they have.
Unfortunately for Ayton, his comments about physicality stand out because of a play that surfaced of him not rebounding the ball after a miss. That is probably what prompted him to make those comments, but he is one player that needs to improve throughout the series. Ayton only had 14 points and seven rebounds in game one. 
The Suns look to improve in game two in order to tie the series and head back to Phoenix in game three. Superstars Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Chris Paul have a lot on their shoulders to perform incredibly each game. Evidently, that is a tall task to ask of and the role players need to make an appearance to give the Suns a chance in the series. 

Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images