Golden State Warriors Superstar Throws Support Behind Organization

The Golden State Warriors have battled through an up-and-down season as they attempt to defend their 2021-22 championship, but their talismanic superstar isn't eager to change course. Appearing on 95.7 The Game's Steiny & Guru, Stephen Curry threw his support behind the pillars of the franchise, including potentially outgoing President of Basketball Operations Bob Meyers.

"I still feel like we can [keep everyone together]," Curry said. "Obviously, we understand how important Bob is, we understand how important Coach is, our core, Draymond, Klay [Thompson], myself, Andre [Iguodala], even though he's had a rough year with injuries and whatnot, he's been extremely valuable behind the scenes in helping maintain our culture."

The Warriors have labored through an unimpressive 41-38 season so far, but they appear likely to finish sixth in the Western Conference, thus avoiding the play-in tournament. Given their championship pedigree, they remain a contender.

How long that remains the case is up for debate. Meyers' contract is set to expire at the end of the season, and he may be a coveted front-office addition around the NBA. Draymond Green is eligible for a massive extension, but he's 33 years old, and his play may not justify his drama much longer. Thompson has suffered multiple catastrophic injuries. Iguodala will turn 40 years old next season.

It's hard to know when the party's over. The Warriors are unquestionably the closest thing to a dynasty in the NBA, but their reign will have to end at some point. This postseason could go a long way toward revealing whether or not the expiration date is approaching.

Photo Credit: © Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports