NBA Rumors: 3 Potential Destinations For Dillon Brooks

The Memphis Grizzlies have made a stunning move, telling free agent Dillon Brooks that they would not be bringing him back "under any circumstances." Whoa.

The Grizzlies are clearly going to be moving on from the nonsense that Brooks brought to the team, on and off the court. General manager Zach Kleiman said after the team's elimination on Sunday that they plan to take a “different approach” after the “self-created distractions” caused by players such as Brooks during the regular season and playoffs.

So if he isn't already radioactive, where does Brooks take his antics for next season?

Let's start with these three potential destinations.

Houston Rockets

Why They Will Bring In Brooks: 

The Rockets are ready to move on from the basement, and are going to hit the free agent market this summer to beef up their roster with veterans. And with new coach Ime Udoka in tow, there'll be no shenanigans accepted. If there's any coach that can rein in the mercurial Brooks, it's Udoka. 

Brooks can bring some desperately needed defense to the Rockets, and he remains a very talented player (14.5 PPG career mark), who, if focused on playing basketball, can still turn his career—and even possibly his reputation—around.

Why They Won't Bring In Brooks:

Even Udoka wants no part of that nonsense.

Brooklyn Nets

Why They Will Bring In Brooks: 

Never a team to shy away from taking on controversial figures (and then moving on from them — see: Irving, Kyrie), the Nets are a possible destination for Brooks. 

GM Sean Marks and head coach Jacque Vaughn have stated their offseason goals of "adding a little nastiness,” and Brooks would certainly fit the bill. 

Why They Won't Bring In Brooks:

On the other hand, the air has been so clear in Brooklyn since the removal of Irving, perhaps the Nets are happier to be moving on from off-the-court distractions. 

Cleveland Cavaliers

Why They Will Bring In Brooks: 

The one missing ingredient on the Cavs this season was a small forward who can bring the D. They scoured the trade market back in February looking for a player of that ilk, and the absence of such was one of their flaws in their first-round series loss to the New York Knicks. 

Brooks can bring that intensity and perimeter defense that the Cavaliers need at the "three". 

Why They Won't Bring In Brooks:

The one thing that they'd have to get past first, however, to make this move, would be the beef between Donovan Mitchell and Brooks following their brawl back in February.

It's going to be an interesting free agency for Brooks. 

Photo: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports