NBA Rumors: Portland Trail Blazers Expected To Move Top Draft Pick

The 2023 NBA Draft order has now officially been set, with the San Antonio Spurs winning potentially the most valuable draft lottery in sports history, and while that stole all the headlines, the Damian Lillard led Portland Trail Blazers were lucky enough to land spot No. 3.

With a superstar like Lillard getting towards the back end of his career however, that pick isn't valuable as a player, but more so a trade piece, and on Wednesday, it has been confirmed that the Blazers are looking to make that pick available in order to try and build a contender around Lillard. 

With rumours spreading of mass superstar movement in the coming years, it makes sense if an up and coming team would move one of their big pieces for a chance at the likes of Brandon Miller or Scoot Henderson, so it's safe to say that Portland will have plenty of takers at that spot. 

Photo Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports