NBA Rumors: 3 Frontrunners Emerge For Dillon Brooks

After the Memphis Grizzlies told him they wouldn't have him back "under any circumstances," many wondered what teams would be willing to take on the headache that is Dillon Brooks. The distractions of his on- and off-court behavior got to the point that the Grizzlies are willing to let him walk.

But according to reports, there are at least three teams that are seriously interested in signing up the NBA's top vocal pest.

Houston Rockets  

The Rockets seem to be the frontrunner, and with their $60M to spend under the cap, they will be aggressive to bring in the veteran free agents they want. Brooks' style certainly wouldn't be out of place on an Ime Udoka team, so they remain a top option.

NBA Insider Marc Stein wrote this week, “The Rockets’ interest in Brooks... appears to be even more clear-cut, with one league source insisting Monday that Houston should be labeled as the favorite to sign the talkative swingman whose playoff struggles and the team tension they spawned swiftly prompted the Memphis Grizzlies to move on from him.”

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks have employed a sort of 'Brooks Lite' version, in Grayson Allen, for the last couple of seasons (and he, too, came from Memphis before that). But although Allen is a better shooter, he doesn't have the defensive chops that Brooks brings, despite his equally pesky (most would say, 'dirty') demeanor on the court. 

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs need defensive help on the perimeter (and all over the court, really), and Brooks could be of help in that regard. And hey, if they're already set to contend with the off-court distractions of Kyrie Irving (if he re-signs), then why not double their pleasure with the ultimate on-court distracter?

Photo: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports