NBA Rumors: Surprising Team Enters the Chris Paul Sweepstakes

The rumor mill is churning out full speed on Chris Paul's next NBA destination. His future with the Phoenix Suns is now anybody's guess. 

There are several contending teams that seem to be rising to the forefront for CP3's services, if his days in the Valley of the Suns are no more. But the most shocking one was newly revealed on Friday by The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor.

The Spurs have tons of cash to spend under the cap, and as O'Connor notes, CP3 could be a tremendous veteran mentor for upcoming No. 1 pick Victor Wembanyama.  

Paul could make life easier on offense for Wembanyama and serve as a mentor who can teach him the ways of the pick-and-roll. Paul was immensely beneficial for Deandre Ayton, instructing him how to set screens at certain angles and read the defense. But Wembanyama could be even more of a sponge. 

The Suns have discussed the possibility of waiving Paul before the June 28th deadline when his guaranteed $15M for next season becomes $30.8M. They've also talked about trading him, or even trying to retain him on a veteran's minimum deal.  

The leading candidate to nab Paul, however, remains the Los Angeles Lakers, according to sources all over the NBA. Paul has had a long-standing friendship with LeBron James, and tried to get to LA once before, though then-commissioner David Stern infamously put the kibosh on that deal. 

And if not the Lakers, CP3 could still possibly make it to LA, as O'Connor suggest the Clippers are an option, though our reports seem to indicate that the Clips and Russell Westbrook have mutual interest in staying together. 

 Photo: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports