NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Star 100% Healthy Heading Into Next Season


The Brooklyn Nets moved off Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant a season ago, admitting that their run in Brooklyn was nothing but a huge failure, but they do have one star piece remaining from that era in polarizing point guard Ben Simmons. 

Ever since his playoff meltdown, Simmons has yet to get fully healthy, and has missed plenty of games because of it, but from his latest report, Marc Spears has stated that Simmons is healthier than he has been ever since his last year with the 76ers.

Obviously, we should take this with a grain of salt until Simmons can get on the court and prove it, but if the Nets can get a prime Ben Simmons back in 2023-24, this could be a surprisingly tough team in the Eastern Conference. 

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports