Shocking Update on Clippers Pursuit of James Harden

We know that James Harden has demanded a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers. And we know that he has interest in only one destination: the Los Angeles Clippers. But a new report asks the question: How much interest do the Clippers really have in James Harden?

According to Sixers Insider Kyle Neubeck, the Clippers "have been fairly unserious about what they’re willing to give up in order to acquire him. The prevailing sentiment seems to be that Harden is still valued, but on the team’s terms, which is a shift from the franchise-defining clout Harden had at his peak.”

Some fans figure that the Clippers being "unserious" about trading for Harden makes a lot of sense:

The Clippers have two superstars already, in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. But those two are rarely on the floor, and the team hasn't been able to count on them to be available in the playoffs over the past four seasons, leaving the franchise still without its long-awaiting first 'chip. 

Harden's playoff exploits haven't been exactly a recipe for success in any of his previous destinations, either, so perhaps the Clippers are really giving this some thought before they pull the trigger. 

"There will still be a market for him regardless," writes Neubeck, "but at the moment, it seems like there’s a disconnect between what the player wants it to be and what teams think it is."

Photo: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports