NBA Rumors: Knicks Turn Down Paul George Trade -- Here's Why

The New York Knicks are still going star-gazing this summer. All signs point to them trying their darnedest to bring in another star player to suit up next to Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle. 

According to Knicks studio analyst Alan Hahn, the team had a chance to acquire Paul George from the Los Angeles Clippers recently, but they pulled out. He explains why. 

“They had a chance to get Paul George. They said it was too expensive, they don't want to do it. They've already backed outta that. They talked to the Clippers, the Clippers gave what it would cost, then Paul George said 'But I want an extension.’ And they said 'We're not doing that.’ And they walked away. So Paul George…as far as now goes, it's off the table." 

PG13 will earn $45M this coming season, and then has a player option for $48M the year after that. That's a pretty hefty investment, as it is, for a player who's played an average of just 47 games in each of the four seasons he's been with the Clippers. Now the 33-year-old wants an extension, too? Easy to see why the Knicks backed out. 

But there are other stars to chase, and the Knicks will continue to go after them. 

Photo: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports