Miles Bridges Surrenders To Police After Latest Arrest

Another upsetting situation in Charlotte, as Miles Bridges has surrendered to police on a warrant for his arrest due to allegedly violating a court order in another violent episode.

As part of his no-contest plea to a domestic violence charge last year, Bridges was slapped with a criminal protective order to stay away from his former girlfriend and the mother of his children for 10 years.  

Unfortunately, Bridges not only violated that order this summer, he did so by allegedly pelting the woman's car with billiard balls, smashing the windshield and denting the windows, all while the children were in the car. Yikes. Bridges also allegedly threatened his ex that if she told police about the ugly incident, he would withhold child support payments. 

That precipitated an arrest warrant, for which he has now turned himself in. 

Bridges was set to return to the NBA this year after sitting out all of last season, with only 10 games left of a 30-game suspension to serve. He signed a $7.9M, one-year contract with the Hornets this summer. 

All of that is now in doubt after this latest incident.