NBA Rumors: Daryl Morey's Ridiculous Request For James Harden Revealed


The James Harden saga in Philadelphia continues to roll on as we approach the highly anticipated 2023-24 season, and while both parties are reportedly looking for an end to this one way or another, it appears nothing as of right now can be considered imminent.

Recently, the Sixers engaged in discussions once again with the Los Angeles Clippers, and after the team declined to give up two first-round picks and Terrance Mann, Daryl Morey mad an intriguing comment, saying the Clippers were unserious about getting a deal done, quipping that the team should part ways with Paul George, a suggestion that was quickly shut down. 

To even think that the team would give up Paul George is wild from Morey, but after the reported asking price we've seen for Tobias Harris this past summer, nothing is surprising at this point, but if the Clippers aren't willing to part ways with two picks and Mann, it's hard to see a deal getting done. 

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports