Grizzlies Stunned With Another Brutal Injury: 3 Guards To Target in Trade

The Memphis Grizzlies watched Ja Morant go down for the season to injury earlier this week, now they've been dealt another stunning blow, as their other All-Star guard, Marcus Smart, is out for six weeks with a severe finger injury.

With the ancient Derrick Rose left as the only playmaker in the backcourt, the Grizzlies are going to have to hit the market to find another guard to pick up the 30 or so minutes that Rose wouldn't be on the court.

We take a look at three ballhandlers who could be made available and shouldn’t cost too steep a price:

Tyus Jones

The Grizzlies know full well what Jones can do, as he had a sensational few seasons in Memphis as Morant's backup. In addition, in the 60 games that he started for them when Ja was out over the course of those four seasons, he Jones put up tremendous numbers and the team seemingly didn’t miss a beat with Morant out of the lineup.

The Grizzlies let him go to the Washington Wizards in free agency this past summer, but he'd look pretty good back in a Memphis uniform right about now.

Delon Wright

If the Wiz aren’t interested in letting Jones go, perhaps his backup could be an option for the Grizz. Wright has been a solid combo guard for several years in the league and he would relish the chance to run his own team for a time. 

Alec Burks

The Detroit Pistons veteran is almost certain to be gone by the trade deadline, as they will look to get some sort of asset for the 32-year-old veteran. He’s also more of a combo guard, like Wright, but he can create shots, and knock them down as well. Burks might not be able to handle the point for 30+ minutes a night, but he can be a nice stopgap option until Smart gets back.

Photo: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports