Steph Curry In Tears After Latest Draymond Green Ejection

Draymond Green was ejected once again Wednesday night, and the burden of his volatile teammate is obviously taking a toll on Steph Curry, who appeared to be in tears after Green's ouster. 

The incident came after Green berated the refs following a foul just a few minutes into the Warriors game with the Orlando Magic.

Now Green's series of violent outbursts, on and off the court, at opponents and teammates alike, have "high-level" people questioning Steph's ability to lead. At least that's what ESPN's Jay Williams is hearing:

"I'm getting texts from high-level people, and what these texts are reading is, 'How about the leadership of Stephen Curry?'... for him not controlling Draymond," said Williams on ESPN's First Take Thursday morning. "That's where these conversations are going.

"And in my brain… Draymond Green is diminishing the ultimate legacy of how people are looking at the leadership of Stephen Curry. 

"Perception is reality for a lot of people, they aren't familiar with what's happening behind closed doors. So there is a tendency when you hear (the Warriors) talk about it, (these critics feel that they) just keep tiptoeing around it instead of calling Draymond Green out publicly."

Williams adds that he doesn't believe this is the case, because he says he "knows what's going on behind the scenes" and that actions are being taken by Curry and others in the organization, but they're keeping it behind closed doors. 

And in the end, the murmors about Curry not being the leader that he should be in all this, "that's on Draymond," says Williams. "Because I think Stephen is taking the higher road and how to deal with this."