NBA Trade Rumors: Insider Says "Some Kindling" For A Kevin Durant Trade

The Phoenix Suns were unceremoniously swept from the NBA playoffs Sunday as the Minnesota Timberwolves completed the four-game destruction of the so-called "Big Three"-led Suns. Now, what happens with at least one of those 'Big Three' is the next question in the desert. 

As noted by ESPN's NBA insider Brian Windhorst, "Kevin Durant is eligible for a contract extension... He has two years and $105 million left on his contract. But because he is eligible for a contract extension, it creates a natural moment for Durant and the team to basically make a comment on each other.

"If it becomes clear in June that he or the Suns don't want to (do an extension), then you have some possible kindling for something (a trade) to happen... There is a coming thing for Durant that will be very revealing."

KD had another All-Star season (his 15th), posting 27 points per game, 6.6 boards and five assists while shooting 41.3% from three-point range. But Durant will be turning 36 before training camp gets underway in the fall. He hasn't led the Suns to anything of significance in his two seasons in the desert, and it's certainly fair to ask if the team would have any interest in shelling out, say, $60 million a year on an extension that would start in his age-38 season. 

Could it be yet another Durant Trade Drama Summer coming up? 

Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports