NBA Trade Rumors: Trae Young Trade Buzz Heating Up Big Time

 Now that the Atlanta Hawks have packed up shop for the season, it appears that Trae Young might have played his last game for Atlanta. Rumors have ramped up big-time that Young will be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers this summer. 

In fact, the Hawks' quick flameout in the Play-In Wednesday night has led at least one prognosticator to claim that the result pushed Young to LA more than ever:


Colin Cowherd said that now it can be stated that "officially, Trae Young and
Dejounte Murray do not work together.

“Atlanta and Chicago played, but the winner was the Lakers. Trae Young, my guess, is coming to LA. So they’re (LA) gonna add Trae Young, Atlanta is gonna go with Dejounte Murray and it’s very clear.”

Cowherd figures that having trading three first-round picks for Murray could be a big impetus for keeping him. But even moreso, the stats back it up: 

In games where Trae didn't play, Dejounte's contributions soared, up to 25 points per game (from 21), and 9.1 assists from 5.0. As well, the Hawks' record was much better with only Murray in the lineup without Young.

As for the Lakers, "they need a bucket-getter and a playmaker... They have the best defensive player in the NBA, Anthony Davis, so he can cover for Trae Young's defensive deficiencies."

And Cowherd isn't the only one betting on a parting of the ways for Young and Murray.

Those Trae Young rumors are going to be sizzling all summer long. 

Photo: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports