All-Time NBA Legend Passes Away

NBA fans see his silhouette every single day, on every single thing to do with the game. Today, sadly, the legendary "Logo", Jerry West, has passed away. 

West was 86 years old, and was a Los Angeles Lakers icon, having won the NBA championship as a player and is the only player ever to win a Finals MVP on the team that didn't win the Finals. He was a 14-time All-Star and 12-time All-NBA team member. He was also an 8-time champion as an executive. 

West is one of only seven players with both scoring & assist titles. Of those seven, he & LeBron James are the only ones to make an All-Defensive 1st team (West made five of them).

He was both a clutch-shooter and a dynasty-building executive as well as an unwavering ambassador of the game.

The NBA has a huge void with the passing of the legendary Jerry West.