NBA Free Agency Rumors: Top 4 Landing Spots for Chris Paul

Future Hall of Fame point guard Chris Paul's future is in doubt for the second consecutive summer. The $30 million team option on his contract is unlikely to be picked up by the Golden State Warriors, who are desperately trying to get their luxury tax fees under control. 

Their options include declining his option then trying to sign him at a vastly reduced rate, trading him, or simply waiving him altogether. 

If he is cut, CP3 would be a free agent once again, and we have a look at three teams (plus one) that would serve as likely landing spots.

Los Angeles Lakers

His family is still based in LA... And so is LeBron James. Those factors immediately make the Lakers a prime destination for Paul. Then you add in the fact that the Lakers are looking for a point guard, likely to replace free-agent-to-be D'Angelo Russell, and you have a match.

Los Angeles Clippers

CP3 is eminently familiar with the Lakers' neighbors, as he was a prime member of the Lob City Clippers for six years in the last decade, making first-team All-NBA in three of those seasons. The Clippers are likely to move on from backup point guard Russell Westbrook (if he declines his $4M option), opening up a spot for Paul in the backcourt.

Phoenix Suns

Another alma mater of Paul's, he spent the three previous seasons before this last one in Phoenix. The Suns are definitely in search of a starting point guard this summer after trying to force square pegs into that round hole this season by having Devin Booker and Bradley Beal taking on the job at various junctures. 

There have been some notions that Paul could make a great pairing with developing superstar Victor Wembanyama, but the San Antonio Spurs' lack of contender status probably rules them out.

Photo: © Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports