NBA Trade Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Turn Down Bold Offer For Mikal Bridges

The Houston Rockets are out to make another big splash this offseason, hoping to secure a proven star to add to their burgeoning lineup. They've reportedly offered the No. 3 overall pick in this month's NBA Draft to the Brooklyn Nets in return for Mikal Bridges. The Nets said, 'thanks but no thanks.'

"League sources say the Rockets have had conversations with the Grizzlies about trading down from this pick," writes Kevin O'Connor in The Ringer, "and that the Rockets hold out hope that the Nets would be willing to move Mikal Bridges for it. But those same sources say the Nets, on the contrary, prefer to add pieces around Bridges". 

The Nets, in fact, are hoping to use Bridges as an asset that can recruit other stars to come to Brooklyn to join him.  

The Rockets, according to league sources, after years of losing (4 straight seasons out of the playoffs), are not interested in bringing in another teenager who'll need years of seasoning, and are desperate to trade down (or out) from the No. 3 pick for proven help. This desire is exacerbated by the fact that this 2024 Draft is thought to be one of the weakest in years. 

Of course, the Nets are aware of this as well, hence their lack of desire to accept Houston's offer. 

Photo: © Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports