Paul George Calls Out Clippers for Ludicrous Low-Ball Offer

New Philadelphia 76ers free agent signing Paul George has opened up today on the process that led to his leaving the Los Angeles Clippers, calling out the team for their low-ball offer, and admitting he was very, very close to being a Golden State Warrior.  

"Just to put it out there, I never wanted to leave LA," said George. 

"(But) as it played out, the first (offer) was disrespectful. It was two years, $60 million. That's crazy. So I'm like, naw, I'm not signing that!

"As negotiations went on, they would go up inches, inches... I'm still like, naw, I'm not doing that... So (this offseason) I'm like, "just give me what Kawhi (Leonard) got... I was cool with that."

But the Clippers still refused. Leonard was signed in January to a 3-year, $152 million extension. But nothing similar was forthcoming for George, for many months. When the Clippers finally relented and offered him 3-years, $150 million this offseason, they refused to give him a no-trade clause, and that was the final straw for PG. 

He also admitted that the potential Warriors sign-and-trade “was a real thing that was close to being done. That deal was close to being done from what I was being told on the situation... That would have been dope, man."

George just finished his five-year run with the Clippers with his first fully healthy season, playing 74 games, while averaging 22.6 points and hitting on over 41% of his threes. His total games played over the previous four seasons in LA were 56, 31, 54, and 48. 

Now, he'll team up with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey in Philly after signing his big four-year free agent deal. 

Photo: © Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports