Kevin Durant chimes in on why he thinks the Clippers lost

Ain't nobody showing the Denver Nuggets love, man? Kevin Durant is the latest player/coach/media member to chime in on why he thinks the Clippers lost to the Nuggets after crumbling with a 3-1 series lead. Durant was recently on the Joe Budden podcast and had this to say:

To see them lose like that, it was definitely shocking. They had the most talent. they [were] the deepest team in the NBA top-to-bottom. The Clippers weren’t on the same page on defense all series. That’s why they lost. 

Durant also mentioned he thinks Kawhi Leonard and Paul George's chemistry was not the issue. 

Defense comes down to planning and executing, and the first half of that is dependent on the game plan of the coach. The players were visibly in disagreement with a lot of Doc Rivers coaching tactics and rotations. 

The more people talk about this, the more it appears the finger should be pointed at Doc Rivers. But in all honesty, the finger should be pointed at these two people for the reason the Clippers were sent home.....



Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire