Report: Rockets Going Hard After Joel Embiid

The Houston Rockets don't have a coach at the moment and it sounds like their GM is on the way out too. Regardless, the show must go on in Houston, and according to some industry sources, the Rockets are trying hard to acquire Joel Embiid from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Scoop is normally true to his name so there is definitely warrant here. It's long been rumored that several teams including Houston and Golden State are battling it out for landing Joel Embiid, but it's going to take a boat load to have the 76ers consider the move. New coach Doc Rivers will certainly have the final say in the matter, and perhaps there's already been discussions on who the coach likes and doesn't from a development stand point. 

Will it be for Russell Westbrook? It certainly feels that way as PJ Tucker, Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers just doesn't seem like enough.

Keep an eye on this trade, it could work itself into a 3-team blockbuster.

Photo Credit: Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire