'Load-Management' is Coming Next Season for LeBron James

The NBA has finalized it's schedule of events to kick off the 2020-21 NBA Season and LeBron James hasn't held back his displeasure about the quick turnaround. Entering his 18th season, arguably the greatest player of all-time would have liked a little more time to prepare for another year, however, when you're busy winning championships, these kinds of things happen.

What to expect next season from LeBron and the Lakers?

Load Management 101.

Now all those Kawhi Leonard haters can turn their attention to LeBron sitting out back to backs, and monitoring his minutes throughout the entire regular season. When you have someone who can do so much damage in the playoffs taking it easy in the regular season during some 'meaningless' minutes, it's not something that should be hated on. It's smart roster management as when LeBron is on the court at 100% in the playoffs, he makes everyone on his team better. Why wouldn't you want that?

Last year LeBron averaged 35 minutes per game and appeared in 67 of 71 games. Expect next season to hover around the 58 game mark. 

LeBron James will be 36-years-old entering his 18th season, chasing his 5th championship ring. He can do whatever the hell he wants.

Photo credit: : Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire